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We are Estate Planners and Will Writers with offices in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, but we have clients all over the UK.
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My Trusted Wills and Estate Planning - How can we help you

Planning ahead

Protection - Certainty - Peace Of Mind

Making a Will - Grandmother and Grandchildren


Don't put off making a Will - we can help just get in touch.

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My Trusted wills & Estates Trusts - taking care of family


Thinking about setting up a Trust? Speak to us.

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Lasting Power of Attorney - LPA


Lasting Power of Attorney - there when you need it.

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My Trusted Wills & Estate Planning - Funeral Planning

Funeral Plans

Make a plan to take away some of the stress for your family.

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Inheritance Tax Planning - My Trusted Wills & Estate Planning

Inheritance Tax

Understanding Inheritance Tax is as important as making a Will.

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Secure document storage for wills

Secure Storage

We keep original documents safe, until they are needed.

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Probate in the UK


We can assist in the legal side of Probate Registry.

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Business Succession Planning with My Trusted Wills and Estates

Business Succession

It is vital to plan for what happens to your business.

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My Trusted Wills & EstatesService Costs

Service Charges

How much does it cost for Will and Estate Planning?

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Did you know…

In 2018 research found that 5.4 million people have no idea how to make a will.

The Royal London research found that a third of respondents had experienced a life event, such as getting married or having a child, since they made their will. But more than half of those people hadn’t updated their will to reflect this.

Wills aren’t just for elderly people, sick people or parents – they’re important for many adults, as unfortunately you never know when the worst could happen.

UK adults who do not have a Will

UK parents who do not have a Will

People who need a Will

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My Trusted Wills

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