Making a plan

Thinking about your funeral is never a nice thing to do and is certainly not the way most people would plan to spend their evening! However, it is often a subject that often sits at the back of our minds. Rather than having it periodically pester your thoughts, why not get your funeral planned, paid for and out of the way so that you can put your attention on the things that are more important to you?

Not only can you save your family a lot of money, you can take away a great deal of the emotional stress and strain at one of the most sensitive and traumatic times they will endure. It will allow them the opportunity to grieve without having financial strain and upset.

MTW work with several funeral planning companies and aim to find you the plan that best suits your needs. We will help you look at the various options that exist and will match those options with the right provider.

The point is that your plan will be exactly that – YOUR plan.

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Imagine this…

You have just passed away and your family is speaking with the funeral director. Through the tears of grief, they look through the brochure that the FD is showing them and are confronted with the question “Would you like to go with just a standard coffin or would you prefer to upgrade dad’s send-off with a Hand Crafted Superior Oak Veneered Coffin? It has a three-tiered lid with … etc. Do you think that they are in the right frame of mind to be making such emotionally-charged questions? Is that actually how you want your money to be spent?

This is not to put down the value of a superior coffin if that would be your choice. However, the children or surviving family do not know what your choice would have been, and are going to make their choices based on emotion rather than logic. Whilst alive, you can make those decisions and take the strain away from your family.

Eco Plans

It is becoming rather popular for people to say “just put me in a cardboard coffin and have done with it!” – either for the sake of simplicity and economy, or for the purpose of being environmentally friendly. If this is how you think, then it is even more important for you to take action about it now, rather than leaving it down to your family.

There are plan providers that allow you to specify and pre-pay for a genuinely eco-friendly funeral. For example, the entire carbon-footprint of a funeral service can be offset by tree planting in conservation areas or donating funds to preserve endangered rainforests.

Your coffin can be guaranteed to be fair-trade produced from bamboo, willow, wool, cardboard, pine or other ecologically friendly and sustainable materials.

If you really want to ensure that your legacy is in harmony with nature, you should make sure that you take the matter into your own hands, rather than leaving it to the family.

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