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How much will all this wonderful estate planning cost? In short, it will probably cost you less than you think it will. And it will definitely cost you less than the value that it gives you and your family.

The service you receive is always bespoke and tailored to you, it is always a fixed price, and the price is always provided to you before you agree to proceed. Nobody likes surprises! We do not charge by the hour, giving you the peace of mind that there will NOT be a nasty added bill at the end! But just as you don’t like surprises, neither do we. Suppose we have two people – Bob and Bert. Both want a “Single Will”. Bob owns a house and has £50,000 in a bank account. His only family is one cousin that he wants to leave everything to. Bert, however, is a multi-millionaire with 7 children and 28 grandchildren, and wants to distribute his estate in a complicated way. Both want a Single Will, but Bert’s estate is significantly more complicated!

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